Purposeful Innovation

Coordin8Care creates a seamless link between physicians, home care providers, and patients to avoid the run-around and confusion that can arise in managing and scheduling home health and care services.

Purposeful Innovation

Coordin8Care creates a seamless link between physicians, home care providers, and patients to avoid the run-around and confusion that can arise in managing and scheduling home health and care services.

Working in the home health and care industry over the last ten years, we have seen firsthand how much time and energy physicians’ offices spend coordinating home health and care services for their patients.

Knowing how busy physicians’ offices like yours are, we created the Coordin8Care app to make it easier and faster for you to manage home health and care services for your patients.

How the Coordin8Care App Works

Our easy-to-use Coordin8Care app lets you proactively monitor and manage home health and care services, reducing miscommunication and increasing your staff’s productivity at no additional cost to you or your patients.

Managing Patient Care

Once you download the app and activate your account, you can easily add new patients to the app, issue orders, get patient updates from home care providers, view patient lab results and documentation, verify insurance, and reorder expiring services.

When you add a new patient in the Coordin8Care app, your patient will receive an email with simple step-by-step instructions on downloading the app so they can easily view their treatment plans and appointments through the patient portal.

Scheduling Care

Based on each patient’s unique treatment plan needs and insurance, Coordin8Care will select the right home care providers for each patient from our extensive network or you can choose your own preferred providers. (Refer your preferred home care providers)

Once selected, home care providers will be able to retrieve patient information and orders and schedule appointments directly from the customized provider portal.

Keeping Everyone Informed

You’ll receive email notifications when home care providers have been selected and you can check on the status of your patients’ care from any internet connected device without making a phone call or sending an email.

Through the customized portals, home care providers and patients can quickly access the information they need without having to contact you. And, your patients will receive automated appointment reminders directly from the app.

Time you and your staff used to spend on the phone is now time you get to spend on what matters: your patients.

Physicians and Staff Benefits

Streamline Patient Home Care Scheduling

We’ve found a way to stop the endless cycle of follow-up calls through smart technology – improving communications and patient outcomes while saving your office time and money.

Efficiency through Technology

Coordin8Care helps you save time scheduling and following up on patient home care through our easy-to-use app.  Read more

Our experience shows that physicians’ offices spend an extraordinary amount of time and manpower answering routine questions and coordinating scheduled care between systems that rely on phone calls, faxes, emails, and desktop systems.

Phone calls take a lot of time, home care providers don’t always provide proactive follow up with your practice, patients get confused or don’t follow their plan, physicians are often on the go and insurance mistakes happen.

Coordin8Care provides a solution designed with you in mind:

  • Patients can view their plan on their own time 24/7.
  • Home care providers can proactively update you on patient treatment progress.
  • You can view scheduled services and patient status without picking up the phone…log in from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.
Synchronized Visibility

Coordin8Care brings everyone together. Scheduling and treatment plans are easily visible to all parties from an internet connected device. Read more

  • Issue orders, access real-time patient data, and view home care provider updates and scheduled services from any internet enabled device.
  • Home care providers can keep you informed on the status of orders and provide clear treatment schedules to patients.
  • Patients can keep their family members and caregivers informed by giving them permission to view their plan through our HIPAA-compliant app.
Improved Outcomes

Coordin8Care helps you improve the patient experience. Less stressed patients feel better faster and will want to share their positive experience with others. Read more

  • Physicians, staff members, home care providers, and patients will have the same timely, reliable information about the treatment plan.
  • Provides everyone with a clear view of their customized treatment plan and schedule.
  • Alleviates the stress of recovery and leaves your patients feeling positive and engaged in their health care experience.
  • Streamlines the coordination process to avoid miscommunications, costly errors, and frustrated patients.

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